Feeling tired with all the common, usual designs that you see on your Tai Rubbers. What about the limited size range offered? Worry not, Tenzo is here to solve all that. We offer a simple, yet ergonomic and attractive design, with a rich array of colors and many size options available.

The new Tenzo has a side-to-side falling action that maintains a stable hydrodynamic fall sequence which transfers directly to the rigged skirt. This equilibrium of action between the two parts of the lure, make it irresistible to your prey, red breams, red snappers and black sea breams. During retrieve the lure moves more radically and attracts effectively bigger fish, such as dentex, crowned snappers and big red snappers.

UV Orange

UV Yellow

UV Pink

UV Green

UV Blue

Available At - 80g -90g - 100g - 130g - 160g - 170g-

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