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Squid Punch!

ALL Squid fishing or commonly known as eging lovers, face one big problem regardless of how good quality or expensive jigs they’re using.

This problem is called The SQUID SLAP or as we like to call it, “The Punch”.

The bigger the squid the more suspicious they become. And very big experienced squid know how to test their limits and assess threats while they are on the hunt. They do that by extending their “candle” or also known as attacking tentacle, really fast and “punch” their target, followed by a retreat or an actual retrieve of the target.

“Punched” jigs on the majority of times provoke a retreat from the attacking squid.

Our Squid Punch mixture fills the tentacle's taste receptors with a blast of flavor and prevents that from happening.

squid punch logo.png


Got Fancy jigs with beautiful colors, amazing design and no glow capabilities?

Our Best seller squid punch now available with a glowing option will solve your problem.

Make any jig glow instantly.

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