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The complex environment of Mediterranean Sea makes fishing harder and more demanding. This has challenged the tackle industry into creating more complex products with extreme designs and color pallets. Both Tenya and Zoka fishing have become extremely popular but the complexity level remains the same.


We at Lollipop Lures offer the first ever hybrid of these two famous and very productive techniques. The Sicario Zoka-Tenya hybrid is a multi-use lure, bait weight, tenya, zoka and whatever else you want to use it as.


This simple yet complex design offers ease of usage for anglers of all skill levels. Sicario can be perfectly combined with silicone trolling lures, tenya silicone or biodegradable lures, dead bait, live bait, artificial, live and even fresh shrimp. Our newest killer bait is available at your disposal offering satisfying results and an easy, hustle-free fishing experience.

Available At - 110g - 120g - 130g -140g - 150g - 170g - 190g -


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UV Green


UV Orange


UV Pink


UV Yellow

UV Chameleon

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