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Lollipop Lures is an original brand name made to please demanding anglers worldwide. Our main focus is to provide top quality products that can satisfy every angler worldwide.

We develop in the Mediterranean Sea, an angling haven with demanding conditions that all local fishermen need to surpass. Due to the high difficulty and demanding standards that our environment has, we have developed a series of high performance lures to assist the local fishermen in their performance. 


After our first exports to major fishing destinations such as Greece,  Turkey, Gibraltar, Spain and Croatia we have been provided with reports that our products outperform major brands, brands that mass produce and forget about the actual needs of fishermen, mass produce and use lower quality materials.

We at Lollipop lures guarantee the quality of our products, we use first class metals, connectors, paints and finishes, to ensure satisfaction and performance for all fishing conditions.

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